April 26, 2017



The client can entrust the decorator with only the design project, so the decorator's work is finished and limited to the final design, or he can order it to organize and direct the work, so he must ask for permission to work or make the arrangements Necessary administrative measures.


You should ask in the corresponding town hall what procedures should be followed and if it is necessary to present the plans and the budget. It is important to apply for the permit as soon as possible because the project time is extended while granting the permit.


If the project plans to alter the structure of a building, it is necessary the project of an architect signed and sealed.



You must define with the suppliers how long each of the jobs will last to organize final deliveries.



To organize this collected information, a task calendar should be organized in a file showing the relationship of the dates of delivery of the materials with the duration of the work.




The person in charge of your address should visit it frequently to check its progress and that everything is being carried out in accordance with the project and the schedule that has been set.

In the reforms different difficulties arise; If you manage to avoid the maximum number of them, you will be doing a professional job with which the customer will be satisfied.


Sometimes, the client's anxiety accelerates the beginning of the work without having defined the project, big mistake; The more defined and detailed it is, the better, as this prevents the customer from being able to say that he does not like or that he was not what he imagined.


Every detail is important when defining the project to avoid surprises, such as the need for an extra light spot or out of place, the height of, etc., several elements that if they appear after the work is done, delay and make the work more expensive needlessly.


Even so in the work small modifications are emerging that will be solved as they appear, but the whole must always be considered. One modification can lead to many others that are attached to it and that must be taken into account.


The project must be as defined as possible, thus achieving greater speed and lower cost of the work.


What matters in the end will always be the happiness of the client, the excellence of the work and the satisfaction of the designer.




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April 26, 2017

April 26, 2017

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