April 26, 2017

In this space I will share the step by step in a design project that begins with the customer's desire to create or renovate a commercial or residential space.


The first stage is the preliminary study of the following aspects:



The main thing is an initial interview with the client to collect the maximum information possible and know him: his personality, his tastes and his needs.


The space analysis can be done physically or with the help of a dimensioned sketch or a plane to scale. The decorator can go to the client's house and make a sketch (draw a layout of the space) taking the different measures.

If the client provides a drawing, the decorator must know how to interpret it and imagine the interior space of the house from it.


The characteristics of the space to be studied are:

• Orientation (north, south, east or west)

• The incidence of natural light

• The division into different rooms and the relationship between them, their measurements (width, depth and height)

• Where the windows and doors are located (their measurements)

• The dimensions of existing or planned furniture,

• Existing materials, etc.


It is necessary to have full knowledge of all the elements that can condition the design.




Economic and material resources

The decorator should also study the means he will dispose of, both material and economic. You will try to find out the budget you can count on, since it can greatly condition the choice of materials.


You should look for the materials that are as suitable as possible to the different spaces to which they are destined, as long as they fit the economic possibilities of the client.



In addition, it will look for information that is interesting for the project to be richer in solutions and ideas. This can be done by visiting shops, exhibitions and fairs, reading books and specialized magazines, searching the internet ... any medium is valid.


All the information you get will be very useful, since it can give you ideas, possible solutions and different options that you can present to the client.


To design the interior of a home is part of a space and the goal is to create an environment appropriate to the needs of the client. With the different available means the designer shapes the space to the needs of the user.




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April 26, 2017

April 26, 2017

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